Welcome to the little Chi


Chihuahua 's have a very long time a permanent place in our hearts. About 16 years ago we bought our mother a breeder our first Chi , a sand-colored bitch " Chibsy " . At that time we also had a 4 -year-old German Shepherd dog " Duke" , with which I was sporting quite active , even our Chibsy was often on the dog sports field. Many years had Duke and Chibsy an absolute dream couple , in quick succession until they went over the rainbow bridge. I could not and would not be without dogs , because our garden and house were empty and without life. Then we decided to take a dog from the shelter to pick up our gentle shepherd dog "Luna" . But my dream of Chi was still there , so we bought from a reputable breeder our "Ivy" . As one Chi comes alone , followed less than a year later "Miss crumbs " . The passion of a lover breed with chihuahua `s on germinated . In 2008, after copious research and countless phone calls with our breeder and a mountain of books I made my dream was .




My goal is to breed healthy, well socialized, essentially strong, typey, robust chi `s to breed, because any future Chihuahua owner will be so much fun as we have our` s Chi.


We breed under FCI / ÖKV and are a member of the Chihuahua Club Austria